Thermal baths & ski at 1750m

The Dixence Resort is a hotel complex that includes a thermal spa, chalets & apartments, located in the Commune of Hérémence in Valais, Switzerland, a stone’s throw from the ski resort of Collons. At an  altitude of 1750 metres, the site offers an uninterrupted panoramic view across the Val d’Hérens, the Rhône valley and the massif of the Dent Blanche. With direct access to the ski slopes of the 4 Vallées, it is possible  to ski in Nendaz, Verbier and Veysonnaz in a single day and be back to relax in the spa après-ski.

The complex can be accessed in only 2 hours from Geneva airport, either by road or rail , and is less than half and hour’s drive from Sion.

The complex includes a hotel, a thermal center, 5 luxury chalets, service apartments and  6 private apartment buildings. Owners have all the advantages of hotel facilities and a thermal spa on the doorstep, and the possibility of using the hotel operator to rent out and manage their property.

The pools in the spa are filled by the natural source of hot water in Combioulaz.



follow the construction process on site and see the project evolving with our live webcam


Suen devant les dents de Veisivi
Le barrage de la Grande Dixence
Promenade devant la Dent-Blanche
La vue sur l'emplacement du projet
Le Mont Collon près d'Arolla
Les gouilles d'Essertse
La face nord du Pigne d'Arolla
Vue sur le Valais central depuis Nax
Vue sur Evolène
La face nord du Pigne d'Arolla
Les pyramides d'Euseigne





View the project

Get some altitude and fly over the project to admire the view
and appreciate how close you are to the ski slopes and the
ski lifts of Collons. You can choose from 3 viewing directions :
from the ski slopes looking back, facing Les Collons, or from
behind with a view over the mountains of the Dent Blanche
and the Matterhorn.

Grande Dixence dam

The Grade Dixence dam sits proudly above the valley 10km
away. Built in 1961, it is still today the highest gravity dam in
the world, at 285m. Its unusual profile has shaped the valley
and its presence has influenced the life of the locals.

Mer de Glace

Completed in 2015, the Mer de Glace project in  Nendaz has
many points in common with the Dixence Resort project ;
primarily its proximity to the ski slopes of the 4 Vallées,
and the presence of a hotel and spa. Add to this is the alpine
style of the construction and you can quickly understand why
it would be interesting to visit this apartment.

Combioule Source

The principal river of the Val d’Hérens, the Borgne, flows
along the foot of the valley, 1000 metres below the  Dixence
Resort. In the place known as Combioule, a significant
geological fault allows the source to emerge at the surface
having journeyed through the caverns of the underground
world 800 metres below! As a result the water is rich in
curative minerals and most importantly, heated to a nicely
warm temperature, which can reach 29°.  The thermal
centre will be fed directly by this source.

The pools of Essertze

Take a step back in time and visit the site of the pools of
Essertze. You will find some of the highest peat bogs and
wetlands in Europe. This is a protected site that was created
over 13’000 years ago. The flora and fauna are incredibly
rich and the landscape takes your breathe away.


Hôtels de montagne

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Le plus haut barrage du monde

Le barrage de la Grande-Dixence est le plus haut barrage poids du monde, et le plus massif d'Europe. Situé dans le Val des Dix sur la commune d'Hérémence en Valais, il mesure 285 mètres de haut. Suite à l’aménagement de l’installation hydroélectrique Cleuson-Dixence...

Le Lac Bleu

Plusieurs itinéraires sont possibles pour rejoindre le Lac Bleu d'Arolla (2090m). Le plus fréquenté est celui qui part de La Gouille et rejoint le Louché par la forêt de mélèzes. Le plus direct est celui qui monte droit de Satarma et le plus bucolique est un sentier à...


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L'adresse du projet

Route des Indivis, 1987 Hérémence